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WOW PARK Billund opens in the spring of 2020 and we are busy with preparations for our Grand Opening celebration. Sprawled over an enormous area just outside of town, we’ve planted more than 7000 trees, moved 40,000 cubic metres of earth, and installed hundreds of play elements and adventure experiences in the trees, along the forest floor, and even underground. We’ve also sculpted a beautiful kid-friendly restaurant out of gorgeous natural wood, complete with a cozy gift store and ice cream shop – and much more!


The WOW PARK concept is a creation by two brothers, Jacob and Aage Hindhede, who founded and built the first WOW PARK in Skjern in 2013. “We were kids on the farm out in western Jutland, where we grew up playing outdoors and swinging among the trees. It was this spirit of playfulness that inspired us to start WOW PARK. We wished to build and share a stronger connection with nature and to invite both children and adults to play
together in the forest.”

“In WOW PARK Skjern, we’ve built and tested many experiences that we also employ at WOW PARK Billund. But here in Billund, we’re able to grow our dream even bigger and wilder, more ambitious than ever before.”

“We’re looking forward to seeing you and your family and friends.”

– Jacob & Aage Hindhede

A giant play and amusement park in the great outdoors

Welcome to WOW PARK – a brand new play and amusement park in the wild forest just outside Billund. Here, you will find cool challenges, fun experiences and good times for the whole family. You can have fun together all day – in the trees, on the forest floor, with water play and even underground – all in a safe and beautiful environment. Spanning an area larger than 40 soccer fields, WOW Park provides plenty of open space and fresh air, featuring sky-high fun in the wilderness set to a chorus of happy laughter and beautiful birdsong.

Wooden treetop houses, slides and hanging bridges 14 metres high!

Have you ever played in the treetops? Swooshed down slides at full speed? Run from tree to tree on high-hanging bridges? Try all of this and more at WOW PARK, where you’ll find elevated levels of fun and excitement. You can even try our new 40-metre-long toboggan chute from the tower, where sledding is easy even in summer.

Bouncing GIGA-nets, zooming zip lines and wild Tarzan swings

Jump, roll, and play among huge balls high up in the trees on giant net platforms, enclosing an area of 300 square metres. Then fly away on of the many ziplines or challenge Mom or Dad to a crazy contest on the Tarzan swings.

Underground caves and giant mazes

In WOW Park’s underground universe, you can adventure on all fours and discover many winding tunnels and secret spaces. In the Mazes above, you and your family are challenged to find the way through the willow forest or chase each other Wooden treetop through the giant wooden labyrinth.

The Water World

You are never too old to play with water! In the Water World you can sail small ships in mini rivers, play with locks, build dams, fill and spill buckets, and even alter the flow of the rushing water.

Challenges, competitions and games

Win the battle against Mom and Dad in one of WOW Park’s many game fields, competing for fun in old Viking challenges, balance contests, or a match of soccer-billiards. Enjoy some hang-out time in the toddler play area, too.

Friendly goats

Pass by the gregarious goats and say “hi” to Old Villy, Naughty Frida, and Little Mads. The goats love it when you get close enough to feed them with some grass straight out of your hand!

Efterårsferie i WOW-Park

Crafts and creative workshops

Build to your heart’s desire! Construct a helpful device or create a quirky character. Unleash your ideas in WOW PARK’s creative workshop using tools, paints, wood, and a variety of fun surprise materials. And feel free to take your creation home with you!

Delicious Dining Indoors & Outdoors forest restaurant, picnic, grill and campfire

When you get hungry or just ready for a snack, you can visit our fun kid-friendly restaurant, The Food Barn, where you’ll meet the Giant Butterfly, the Turn-Around Tree and the Water Wall. You can also enjoy a comfortable picnic in the woods or grill your own feast at The Forest House. Around the cozy campfires in the Hammock Grove, you can even roast marshmallows, popcorn, hot dogs, or your own twisty bread over an open flame. Yum! 


Once the entrance fee is paid, the activities in WOW PARK are free – even the parking – so you can enjoy a great day with the whole family at a good price. If you choose to buy a season pass, the deal is even better.


With an awesome mix of climbing and crawling, swinging and sliding, freedom and fun, the WOW Park wilderness provides both intensity and tranquility for you, your friends and your family.

Seeya there!

ENTRANCE (online prices)

Toddlers (0 – 2)DKK 0
Children (3 – 12)DKK 145
Adults (13 – 64)DKK 175
Adults (+65)DKK 145


Dogs are welcome (on a leash)

Full day experience

All parking is free


WOW PARK Billund
Havremarken 15, 7190 Billund

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